HEBRON, Ky. — Flavor creator, ZoomEssence, Inc., is proud to announce that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for their DriZoom® powder created using their multi-patented no-heat technology, Zooming™.  DriZoom® powder uniquely retains the qualities present in the starting liquid flavor to deliver taste and, more importantly aroma. Aroma is known to be as much as 80% of a taste experience.

“The starting liquid flavor is encapsulated in the powder, protecting the flavor’s integrity while enhancing stability. DriZoom® powder is a sanctuary for a brand’s flavor,” explained Dr. Charles Beetz, the Company’s Chief Science Officer.  Bob Corbett, CEO of ZoomEssence, further explains that “Conventional methods of spray drying a liquid flavor into powder form use high heat. Heat is the enemy of a flavor, especially natural flavors. Zooming™ is a game-changing new technology that renders high heat spray drying obsolete.  Our mission is to empower brands to deliver exceptional taste experiences never before possible in powder flavors.”

ZoomEssence® powder flavors can be found in leading, flavor–loving beverages and foods that rely on powder flavors to add great taste to their brands. This new patent protects the company’s sole rights to no-heat spray drying and the unique powder flavors that the Zooming™ process can create.  For more information, go to Zoomessence.com.

About ZoomEssence, Inc.

ZoomEssence, Inc. creates custom flavors bursting with taste and aroma in powder form for leading food and beverage brands. The company’s game-changing, advanced no-heat powder flavor creation process called Zooming™ encapsulates flavor and aroma and renders spray drying obsolete, delivering results for partner brands where taste and aroma are the key contributors to the highest level of consumer appeal.  ZoomEssence DriZoom® powders are found in millions of pounds of name brand products all around the world. ZoomEssence, Inc. has been innovating flavors since 2008 and operates facilities in Sayreville, NJ and Hebron, KY.

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