Northern Kentucky Industry Focus

With a resilient economy and data on our side from a comprehensive target industry and employment analysis funded by a Duke Energy grant and conducted by EY for BE NKY Growth Partnership in 2021, BE NKY has identified four target industry clusters for development.

Employment gains in these four clusters outperformed the regional and national averages from 2015-2019. Annual wages for jobs in these clusters are $10,000 above the regional average. According to the report, the four target clusters are diverse in nature and companies in those sectors vary in size, which creates opportunities for a wide spectrum of businesses from startups to Fortune 500.

Four Target Industry Clusters in Northern Kentucky

We are targeting four industry clusters for the region based on their employment momentum and growth potential: Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Supply Chain Management & Support Services. These four clusters include 13 subclusters with more than 550 primary industry companies, representing strong diversity and innovation.

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Employment growth in Northern Kentucky (2014-2019)

Advanced Manufacturing

Transformation of raw materials into components and finished products.
Subclusters: Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Flavoring

Life Sciences

Protection and enhancement of human health.
Subclusters: Biomedical Research, Gene Therapy

Information Technology

IT involves activities such as software production, internet application development, computer hardware production, and data security. IT employment was 2x the national growth rate.
Subclusters: Software/IT, Electronics Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management & Support Services

Facilitates the transport of goods via rail, road, water, and air. Does not include fulfillment centers and traditional warehousing operations.
Subclusters: Aviation Maintenance, Logistics Management & Consulting