“An activated Northern Kentucky Port Authority will fill an important gap in our region’s commercial real estate market and is vital for the long-term health of our economy.”

Tom Banta, Managing Director, Corporex Companies


Activate the Northern Kentucky Port Authority

We are activating the Northern Kentucky Port Authority to provide balance to the vibrant NKY development market, ensuring that there are locations for good jobs and that our economy does not become overly-weighted in a single sector.


Leverage the Northern Kentucky Port Authority to identify, control, prepare and promote sites for subsequent private commercial and industrial development and redevelopment that exceeds community employment and wage targets.


  1. Activate the Northern Kentucky Port Authority into an organization that undertakes capital investment to achieve economic development goals
  2. Engage public, private, and nonprofit partners to develop land use strategies
  3. Prepare shovel-ready projects dedicated to attracting companies offering family-sustaining careers


  1. Implement a plan for fiscal sustainability for the Northern Kentucky Port Authority
  2. Develop the financial capacity to execute projects that enable tradable sector growth and career opportunities
  3. Identify, inventory, and prepare potential development and redevelopment sites for future private commercial and industrial construction


  1. Secure additional funding that is at least equal to the amount allocated from the Investor Campaign
  2. Meet on a quarterly basis with key public, private, and non-profit partners to share progress updates
  3. Purchase or otherwise gain control of at least one property