“Data rules everything. In the construction industry, it is driving business.”

Brian Bozeman, Vice President, Skanska


Data-Informed Community Decision-Making

Economic data – infrastructure investment, population, diversity, equity, technology disruptions, and growing industries to name a few – enable data-informed decision-making for the Northern Kentucky community.


Enable Northern Kentucky business and community leaders to contribute to increased prosperity, growth, and equity in our region by providing them with data, insights, and a forum to inform better decision-making.


  1. Make data accessible for data-informed decision-making across all sectors
  2. Engage public, private, and non-profit organizations to address key community challenges
  3. Catalyze economic development in Northern Kentucky with data-informed decisions


  1. Bring together the resources of the NKU Center for Economic Analysis and Development (CEAD), NKY Chamber, Cincinnati Chamber, and others to develop a comprehensive list of challenges and metrics for the region
  2. Make data publicly available by developing a dashboard on an open, interactive website
  3. Facilitate community discussion around data, developing strategies, and driving data-informed decision-making


  1. Five to seven community-defined metrics that align with increasing prosperity in the region
  2. Community Data Dashboard launched by the end of Year 1 for data-informed decision-making
  3. Metrics presented at four community events each year to share information and receive feedback