Why NKY for Site Selection?

Site Selection for Businesses from Near and Far

For more than 35 years, BE NKY Growth Partnership has led successful relocation or expansion efforts for 781 business projects, representing more than 75,569 primary industry jobs created with a capital investment of nearly $9.7 billion.

Powerhouse American and international companies across industry sectors from Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Support Services, Life Sciences, and Information Technology, have undertaken thorough site selection processes and chosen to locate in Northern Kentucky, including ADM, Amazon, Bosch, Citi, CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting, DHL, and Mubea.

Site selection support and value are not reserved for just the largest organizations. Our region is also known as a highly desirable, yet largely untapped, location for entrepreneurs. With a culture of “makers” and a strong start-up community, Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati region are rich with “starter” site selection opportunities for new and growing businesses.

“BE NKY helped us consolidate our business operations into one central location in Covington that is more efficient and cost-effective.”

Tim Schroeder, CEO, CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

Key Considerations in the Site Selection Decision

Whether it’s the state of the business environment including taxes, access to a strong workforce, availability of transportation or a strong utility infrastructure; much needed incentives and opportunities; or a great place to live and work, you consider the options from every angle when you’re evaluating a location for site selection.

Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati region have all the bases covered, and BE NKY does all we can to make it easy for you to make your site selection effort seamless. Click on the pages linked below for much more information on each topic.

Business Environment Considerations

Taxes & Tax Rates

Characteristics of business taxes in Kentucky include stabilized property tax and limited taxing authority for cities and counties, with the state collecting the larger share.


NKY is teeming with talent. We’re home to a skilled and educated workforce with prominent public and private academic centers, and more than 1.5 million adults within a 24-minute commute.


The Cincinnati/NKY region has a strong logistical advantage, with convenient access to everything you need for transportation of goods, services, and people, from air and rail to waterways and highways.

Utility Infrastructure

NKY provides a competitive advantage for utility costs, with some of the lowest utility rates in the US. Northern Kentucky has all the resources in place to deliver a high level of service for all types of users.

Incentives & Opportunities for Businesses


BE NKY takes a customized approach to help eligible companies benefit from a variety of business relocation incentives, including many programs from education and financing to state and local tax incentives.


The Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Program is a free resource connecting NKY companies with solutions to sustain their current operations and accelerate their growth, while also growing jobs.

Opportunity Zones Program

The Opportunity Zones Program provides tax benefits like reductions, deferrals, and waving of taxes for certain qualifying new or expanding projects and businesses within qualified opportunity zones.

Foreign Trade Zones

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) offers duty-deferral savings that assist businessess or companies that import goods from foreign countries. Communities in NKY will consider additional FTZ’s for qualified projects or developments.

Community Considerations

Living in NKY

NKY and Greater Cincinnati offer an unbeatable quality of life that blends urban, suburban, and rural amenities to suit every lifestyle, with an enviable cost of living and access to everything you need.


We welcome newcomers and new ideas with open arms, thanks to a robust entrepreneurial community that connects startups and small businesses with mentors, partners, resources, and potential funders.

Made in NKY

Did you know some of your favorite brands are made right here in NKY? From playing cards, hair care and ID tags to pizza, sausages, cookies, and candy, there’s a lot to recognize and love here.

Reasons to Choose NKY

A welcoming and globally competitive business climate built on trusted relationships, we offer access to six Fortune 500 companies as well as a significant entrepreneurial ecosystem. We bring together business, government, and education partners to train a new generation of workforce talent.

Site selection here holds significant potential for businesses that need physical access to transportation, other companies, and customers (or consumers). Connecting the north and south, the Midwest and Southeast, Northern Kentucky is a one-day drive from 54% of the U.S. population. We sit at the nexus where three interstate highways meet, including I-75 linking Michigan to Florida, and we also have the top-ranked Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).

“We’ve added important infrastructure, capacity, and new jobs to the region with a $280 million expansion at our CVG Hub, the backbone of our Americas network.”

Joanie Arias, General Manager/Vice President, DHL North American Hub

Northern Kentucky has a wealth of options and tremendous support for businesses considering locating, relocating, or expanding a business. BE NKY can provide assistance with everything from regional data, site identification, and site selection to the expansion of an existing business, gaining access to incentives, and helping businesses sustain and grow.

When you’re ready to start your search or if you just need some additional help and perspective as you navigate the process, connect with us, and we’ll connect you throughout the Cincinnati region.