Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, David McAttee, and Christian Cooper. Their killings and harassment – and those that go unseen – remind us the work to fulfill the promise of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all is not finished.

BE NKY recognizes that racial injustice exists in our Country. We stand with those in our community who share the belief that every person deserves equal treatment, opportunity, and protection.

It is time. Racism must end. Discrimination must end. Social Injustice must end.

Fellow community and business leaders, it is our job to understand, prepare, and to act. We know this problem is not isolated to other places. We must commit ourselves to the Meaningful Work that ensures racism, discrimination, and social injustice do not live in Northern Kentucky.

How do we accomplish this? We have the strength, the voice, and the means to make a difference. BE NKY will not sit idle. Immediately we will support minority-owned businesses and implement unconscious bias training for our team. Longer-term we will work with directly impacted people, communities and our partners to create measurable solutions. We invite others with similar strength, voice, and means to do likewise.

Join us in the work.

Lee Crume Signature Newport Peace Bell