October 18, 2017 – Northern Kentucky University launches micro-credential programs to help people achieve professional development milestones while working toward a graduate degree. Micro-credentials are mini-certificates in a specific topic area that demonstrate an achievement in a particular skill or set of skills.

NKU’s micro-credentials are available in a variety of areas, including management, leadership, health, counseling, education, information technology and communications.

Micro-credentials may also serve as stackable components toward an advanced degree. Any earned micro-credential in NKU’s graduate courses may be applied to a graduate certificate or master’s degree.

“These credentials meet a need for individuals who are looking for ways to demonstrate mastery of new skills to employers, both to secure a job and/or for professional advancement,” said Provost Sue Ott Rowlands, Northern Kentucky University. “To earn a micro-credential, an individual would typically complete two to four courses; once completed, the digital credential is awarded. Courses taken to earn micro-credentials appear on a transcript and can be attached to LinkedIn and other e-portfolios.”

NKU has partnered with Credly, a secure platform for earning, distributing and displaying digital micro-credentials.  When micro-credentials appear on Credly, LinkedIn or another social media platform, they are clickable and bring the viewer to an official NKU certification site. There are no special fees for micro-credentials.

To see a current list of NKU’s micro-credentials, check out the Micro-credential Program Index. For questions, contact microcredentials@nku.edu.