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Information Technology

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Critical Infrastructure and Dynamic Business Driver

Most companies know information technology (IT) as critical infrastructure – the software and hardware, data security and internet applications that literally make business possible. Far from being merely a back-of-the-house function, though, IT is one of the most dynamic areas of the American – and Northern Kentucky – economy.

IT employment has increased by nearly 19% during the past five years, twice the national growth rate. IT employment in NKY has grown at an even faster clip during this period. Between 2014 and 2019, local IT employment rose by more than 20%.

“We considered multiple states and many locations within those states while we were looking for a new headquarters location. We draw on talent locally and the community, culture, and vibe of Covington are what we wanted for our growing team.”

Ed Walton, CEO, STEP CG

Information Technology in Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky is home to many information technology companies, with concentrations in key areas including software development, electronics manufacturing, health informatics, and logistics technology.

Software / IT

NKY is rich with software developers and service providers, from enterprise solutions to AI and cloud computing.

Electronics Manufacturing

We are home to many companies that design, make, and distribute electronic components and assemblies for OEMs.

Health Informatics

NKY features expertise in methods and technologies for the acquisition, processing, and study of patient data.

Logistics Technology

From trucking to rail, aviation and global overnight to last mile fulfillment logistics, technology keeps goods and people moving.


Historically, information technology talent has been in short supply nationally, and regions like ours with educational institutions that can deliver a sustained pipeline of new workers with advanced skills have an advantage.

The Northern Kentucky University (NKU) College of Informatics (COI) is one of just a handful of such colleges nationally. Enrollment in COI has grown steadily and also boasts a top-ranked Cyber Defense Team. The college has added several new degrees, including an applied software engineering degree focused on software security and user experience design in addition to a BS and MS in cybersecurity. COI is also partnering with some of the region’s largest and most important companies, including Macy’s and Kroger.

Gateway Community & Technical College also offers training to build IT talent, enabling students to earn associate degrees across a spectrum of information technology fields, from cloud computing and information security to network administration and programming. The college also offers transfer pathways to NKU.

Throughout the Cincinnati region, Xavier University, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati all add information technology talent to the pipeline. In a 2021 report from San Francisco-based CodeSignal, Miami was ranked No. 2 among U.S. colleges for coding assessments, ahead of Carnegie Mellon and Columbia University.

Major Companies

Software/IT Companies

  • Amazon Web Services
  • C-Forward
  • Emerge
  • Gentis Solutions
  • Global Business Solutions
  • Pomeroy
  • Red Hawk Technologies
  • Systems Insight
  • Ulimi
  • Vivitec

IT Operations Centers

  • Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)
  • The Gap

Electronics Manufacturing

  • Balluff
  • Hahn Automation
  • HBC-radiomatic
  • Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems


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