Client Relations Managers Jeremy Worley and Devon Stansbury both began their BE NKY Growth Partnership careers on Nov. 4, 2019.

In these roles, they work with BE NKY’s clients, and companies considering a new location or expansion in Northern Kentucky, to make the best business investment decision.

As they celebrate their four-year work anniversary, they shared the best parts of working together since they started in 2019.

What is your favorite part about working with each other?

Devon: In areas where I don’t necessarily excel, Jeremy complements me. We don’t really work on projects together, but I learn from him. He guides me toward perspectives and actions I didn’t think of or would have never thought to take. He helps me to calm down when I’m stressed and balances me out.

Jeremy: I would agree that we complement each other. If I’m struggling in a certain area, it’s usually an area Devon excels at. I often have her look over emails I’m going to send and she will refine them and make them better. It’s unique to have two people in this role with no prior economic development experience, so we’ve learned together and gelled as a team early on.

What is the best attribute your co-worker brings to the team?

Jeremy: I think it’s Devon’s bubbly personality. She does her job wonderfully, but it’s also nice to come into the office and she’s always happy and lightens the mood. She is always finding joy in little things at work conferences and can find something to be excited about at any event.

Devon: One of Jeremy’s biggest contributions is his thought process and in-depth approach. He’ll think of one thing that leads to something else, and it builds up his knowledge foundation. Jeremy is very thorough in his work. Whether he’s working on an RFI, asking a client questions, or just thinking about our processes internally, he always goes a step further.

In what ways have you made each other better?

Jeremy: The way Devon handles projects is much more about building a personal relationship and I try to incorporate some of that into my job. It makes me work harder to build a relationship with individuals we work with on a regular basis. As the years go by, we have grown into our role. We formed a team and aren’t working in silos.

Devon: We aren’t competitive with each other, and Jeremy has helped me enhance many of my skills, including critical thinking. I tend to be a black-and-white thinker, but now, I think beyond just the answers for an RFI and look more at the big picture.

What is a collaboration you are proud of?

Jeremy: I’m currently working on a project where we’ve each taken the lead at different times. It’s quieted down, but if it gets busy again, I wouldn’t hesitate to let Devon take the wheel. When I was working on a previous project, I couldn’t make a meeting because of a personal emergency. I had no doubt that Devon could take it over and bring home a win, and she did. She has built a strong relationship with the company, which has benefited our whole team.

Devon: Even if Jeremy knows nothing about a project I am working on, I know I can ask him anything and he will help me out. We share our work load whenever we can, and if I don’t have the capacity to take on another project, I know I can give it to him and it will get done.

What is your favorite memory of working together?

Jeremy: My favorite memory was the FC Cincinnati game Devon and I attended. It sticks out because it was the first time it was just the two of us at an event together. We had lots of people coming up to introduce themselves. We got to meet each other’s clients and I got to learn more about the projects she was working on.

Devon: My favorite memory was the Kentucky Association for Economic Development conference we attended only about one week after we started. It was good going in with Jeremy and knowing were “in it together” and could discuss things we learned from the same, fresh perspective.