New Name and Brand for Economic Development Company in Northern Kentucky Announced

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. (March 14, 2023) – BE NKY Growth Partnership (BE NKY) is the new name for the economic development company in Northern Kentucky, providing private and public sector leaders with the expertise they need to build their businesses and elevate the economy in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties.

BE NKY, previously Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, serving the region since 1987, led the successful location or expansion of 765 business projects, representing more than 74,150 primary industry jobs created with capital investment of more than $9.3 billion.

“BE NKY is the final step in a transition the Board of Directors started in 2018. We began working toward a new name in 2020, but had to pivot our strategy due to COVID,” said BE NKY CEO Lee Crume. “We are excited to launch the name BE NKY Growth Partnership, the last piece of the Board’s restructuring efforts.”

The new name evolved from the success of BE NKY’s Build + Elevate Northern Kentucky investor campaign in 2022, which raised more than $4.6 million, surpassing the $4.5 million goal.

The investor campaign funds four new areas of work: data-informed community decision-making, activating the Northern Kentucky Port Authority, delivering customized workforce solutions, and targeted business growth.

After seeing various options for a new name, Boone County Judge/Executive Gary Moore said he immediately liked “BE NKY.”

“During the investor campaign, we had great success with building and elevating, and that’s really what we do, so it was a natural fit for me,” said Moore.

The name also aligns the company with other local organizations, such as meetNKY or OneNKY Alliance.

“BE NKY Growth Partnership” reflects the team involved, which includes not only staff, but the public sector and private companies, all working together to achieve BE NKY’s vision and strategy for Northern Kentucky.

The goal is opportunity and prosperity for all Northern Kentuckians, and 67 organizations invested in the Build + Elevate investor campaign, including all three counties.

“I’m excited about BE NKY Growth Partnership because it truly is a partnership between the public and private sector unlike ever before,” said Kenton County Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann. “It’s about a new energy, it’s about a new focus, it’s about being something more than we were before.”

Board of Directors Vice Chair James Dressman said the region wants to own what it means to “be Northern Kentucky,” and be proud of it, and Moore said this new name will help BE NKY convey who, where, and what the region is all about.

“BE NKY Growth Partnership is a fresh, forward-thinking name that reflects the team’s passion for excellence and commitment to the community,” said Board Secretary Ben Brandstetter.

About BE NKY Growth Partnership

BE NKY Growth Partnership, the economic development company for Northern Kentucky, provides businesses with the expertise they need to build opportunity in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties. We attract new business and elevate what’s already here to create innovative, forward-thinking, and attractive environments for companies and community success. We serve Northern Kentucky so that our community thrives through the creation of good jobs and a growing and diverse economy. We believe in Opportunity and Prosperity for All Northern Kentuckians. Visit for more information.