Director of Business Retention Angie Mulberry is celebrating her three-year BE NKY-versary. She shares why she’s passionate about her work and the collaboration that makes Northern Kentucky special and successful. She’s an avid supporter of her alma mater Northern Kentucky University.

      1. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since joining BE NKY?

        I am very fortunate to get to work with the existing businesses in Northern Kentucky. The most important thing I have learned, since joining BE NKY, is that these businesses manufacture and develop amazing products across our three-county region. When I first joined the BE NKY team, every time I was fortunate enough to tour a business operation, I would think “Wow, I had no idea we did that right here in Northern Kentucky. That is amazing!”

      2. What do you want to accomplish or learn in the next year?

        My goal is always to understand how best to support my clients. I want to continue to understand my client’s needs and be a connector to those resources to assist them with their success.

      3. What’s your favorite BE NKY memory?

        As I look back on my three years with the BE NKY team, my favorite memories come from our interactions with our clients. We, as a team, are very committed to help support our clients and their success in Northern Kentucky. As I am out and about in our communities, I really enjoy when I drive past a business and see how great they are doing and remember how BE NKY was able to support their needs.

      4. What is Northern Kentucky’s best kept secret?

        Collaboration is our best kept secret and I think it should be moved into one of our best-known fact categories. Success does not always come easy but in Northern Kentucky the collaboration between our counties and the communities within them, our partners, and our businesses allow for a climate where businesses and our residents can prosper.

      5. What’s your favorite Cincinnati-style food or restaurant?

        I’ve lived most of my life in Northern Kentucky and it is too hard for me to pick just a few places that I enjoy. There are so many great places to eat and a lot of wonderful memories that go along with those meals. My husband and I really enjoy looking for our next “new” favorite place to eat. I would encourage everyone to find a restaurant in Northern Kentucky you have not eaten at and find your next “new” favorite restaurant.