Research Manager Allison Murcia is celebrating her two-year BE NKY-versary. She shares why she’s a numbers (data) geek and loves the people of Northern Kentucky. She’s a big fan of her alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, and enjoyed watching the Bearcats win the American Athletic Conference championship and vye to be the College Football Playoff champion. She also shares her favorite sauce, or is it a dressing?

      1. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since joining BE NKY?

        To pivot. The economic development industry is changing all of the time, and this team has really demonstrated how to adapt. I love learning from them. We’re adding new focus areas, learning new skills, and excited for a busy 2022!

      2. What do you want to accomplish or learn in the next year?

        I really want to up our data visualization game. I’ve been working through a few online courses to learn more about updates to software and the tech available, and I’m excited to help make our presentations and even our web presence more interactive.

      3. What’s your favorite BE NKY memory?

        I have surprisingly positive memories of when we first started working from home during initial pandemic shutdowns. I had only been with BE NKY for a few weeks, so I hadn’t settled in and didn’t know everyone very well. The entire team made such an effort to welcome me, share what was going on at their homes and in their new work spaces, and we really bonded over going through such a weird time together.

      4. What is Northern Kentucky’s best kept secret?

        It’s hardly a secret to anyone living or working here- the people! Everyone is welcoming and so passionate about the region.

      5. What’s your favorite Cincinnati-style food or restaurant?

        It’s more Midwest than Cincinnati specifically- ranch on everything. I grew up in the south, so it was something to get used to, and now I love it! Ranch on pizza? Yes, please.